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A unique Caribbean dive resort

 Utila, Bay Islands

Experience the best diving in Utila at Utopia Village Dive Resort.

"When we sink below the surface of the ocean we are free"

- Jacques Cousteau

Our goal is to deliver an amazing dive experience that is safe, fun and educational, combined with the convenience of valet service. Udive, our own on-site dive operation, has experienced dive masters with local knowledge, a spacious dive boat and high quality rental gear. We are also fortunate to have a beautiful house reef located just off our shore, teeming with healthy coral and aquatic life. We are passionately committed to protecting the reef.



Sitting at the edge of the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, Utila’s crystal blue waters are teeming with colorful marine life. Utila has over 100 charted dive sites which include sea mounts, shallow fringing reefs and plunging walls that circumnavigate the Cayman Trench.


The North side of Utila is best known for its drop-offs, which are considered deep dives. The upper edge of the wall begins anywhere from 20-30 feet, with each dive site having a different topography and its own personality and marine growth. Inshore from the drop-offs, excellent medium to shallow coral reefs can be found with diving depths ranging from 20-55 feet which allows both novice and expert divers to enjoy the sites. With water temperatures averaging 80 degrees or warmer, gentle currents and 100 feet of underwater visibility, Utila will be a dive destination you will never forget.

whale shark


nurse shark

eagle ray

moray eel



The beauty of our house reef is beyond compare. Its shallow fissures with sandy bottoms and beautiful purple fan coral gardens just at our doorstep will tantalize shore divers. This reef is truly world class and has been dubbed by many visitors as their favorite "house reef". It has many ideal features that create a natural environment for shore diving, night diving and snorkeling excursions. A gradual descending beach leads to the wall, a 130 foot drop-off, a mere 150 yards from shore. The underwater terrain is suited for multi-level dives due to the two descending shelves. Plenty of unique landmarks make the area easy to navigate. The coral is plentiful, healthy and vibrantly colored. We have a big variety of Elkhorn coral and giant pillar corals. There are several sea mounds at 120 feet that are spread out at the breaking point between the coral shelf and the sandy seabed.

sea turtle

trigger fish

angel fish

porcupine fish

sea horse



The house reef at Utopia Village is one of the best dive sites in Utila.
Whale sharks are seen year round off the coast of Utila.
Dolphins are frequently seen around Utila.
Nurse sharks are often spotted while diving on the north side of Utila.
Spotted Eagle Rays are often seen when diving around Utila.
Green moray eels and brown-spotted moray eels can be seen at many of the Utila dive sites.



Utopia Village provides some of the best scuba diving in Utila.

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The house reef off Utopia Village’s shore is one of the best dive sites in Utila and is excellent for diving (and weather-permitting, snorkeling). With its shallow entry, steep wall and numerous channels, it offers something for everyone. And with our brand new 170 ft dock, entering and exiting the water is easier than ever. Most divers will jump off the end of the dock and then exit up the steps on the way out. Gear can be put on and taken off on the dock or in the water. Dive packages include unlimited shore diving (weather-permitting). See more information on the house reef.

Utila is known as the Whale Shark capitol of the Caribbean. Sightings are often more frequent in the months of March-April and August-September, but whale sharks have been spotted around the island year-round. Unlike pods of dolphins, that are also frequently found around Utila, whale sharks are usually solitary. But it is not uncommon for multiple whale sharks to be sighted in a single day along the northern shores of Utila. Our team of experienced boat captains and dive masters will give you the best opportunity to see and potentially snorkel with these amazing creatures. Please note that it is unpredictable and by no means guaranteed.



One of the best Utila Dive Shops provides unlimited shore diving on the house reef directly in front of Utopia Village, Utila.
Whale sharks are common visitors to the shores of Utila.
Utila dive sites, provided by Utopia Village, Utila, Honduras.

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