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Spa to Relax


Spa RelaxationFresh avocado, delicate flowers, sweet mango and papaya
…such treasures, native to the paradise we call Utila, are among the exotic ingredients used to create a spa experience that is relaxing and soothing to the body.

To experience USpa, is to experience a world of tranquility and well being for the body, mind and spirit.  The spa is located in the jungle at the back of the Utopia property surrounded by green mossy planters and a tranquil fountain.  This small private treatment room is in an unhurried and nurturing atmosphere, each guest is guided on a path to beauty in a private environment. Our Utila beach resort has the perfect setting for relaxation and tranquility.


USpa, is a wellness haveninfused with inspirations from Utila’s lush environment. Elegant furnishings, Caribbean colors and relaxing island sounds envelope guests in tropical luxuriousness. Guests can choose from a menu of massages, facials and reflexology.

USpa offers a number of signature spa treatmentsusing nutrient rich flowers and fruits indigenous to Honduras and Utila to create botanical treatments that reflect the flavors of the island.

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