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Utopia's House Reef & Shore Diving


Shore DivingBefore we mention the beauty of Utopia’s house reef, here are some helpful tips about this area.  Although striking, the location is weather dependant. Shore diving is complimentary but not always “unlimited” due to weather conditions. Most months of the year, the waters are calm and the colors of the waters and reefs below make dives and snorkeling spectacular.  During the winter months, and of course storms and the summer months when the East wind is a constant, the waves can make this portion of the shore too rough for most novice divers.  The exit on the shore requires a steady foot and agility to work with the waves.  There is reef and bedrock up to the final few yards to the beach. Wetsuit boots or booties are mandatory due to the bedrock and fossilized coral stones upon entry.  U Dive recommends that divers first shore dive with one of our DM’s to learn the underwater terrain and landmarks.  After that, sign up at the shop for a tank, grab a dive buddy and proper safety flag, make sure a DM logs your entry time and dive plan and have fun! Please check out our Utila dive boats if your looking for something different.

Now, about the beauty of our house reef…The shallow fissures with sandy bottoms and beautiful purple coral gardens just at Utopia’s doorstep will tantalize shore divers.  This reef is truly world class and has been dubbed by many visitors as their favorite "house reef" diving spot.   It has many ideal features that create a natural environment for shore diving, night diving and snorkeling excursions.  A gradual descending beach leads to the wall, a 130 foot drop off, a mere 100 feet from shore. The underwater terrain is suited for a multi-level dive due to the two descending shelves.   Plenty of unique landmarks make the area easy to navigate.  The coral is plentiful, healthy and vibrantly colored including several Elkhorn coral and giant pillar corals.  There are several sea mounds at 120 feet that are spread out at the breaking point between the coral shelf and the sandy seabed.  Divers typically enter at Utopia's dock further East and drift dive to just in front of Utopia's beach bar landing.  There is a natural channel that is the perfect exit point to stop for cold one after your shore dive!

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